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Total Body Rub 2oz

Total Body Rub 2oz


This is an amazing product; a must have for every household. It helps the body to promote fast, temporary relief from muscle aches and joint pain. It can be rubbed anywhere on the body to soothe itching, burning and rashes. It will work on elbows, wrist, the back and hips. Put it on your knees, muscles, ankles, head, and eyelids. Get it for your skin. Put it on razor bumps, pimples and moles.


Apply it to your sore neck or shoulder. Use it, after shaving, on your face or on the back of your neck and head.


Soothe your sore throat, and irritated, dry or cracked skin. You will experience little or no burning sensation. It is non greasy, has no foul odor, and will not stain fabrics.

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