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Build a Line of Defense

Call us today and begin to support your immune system.  Building a good defense will help your body fight and recover at a faster rate.  Don’t get caught!


Aloe Man pls




Body Healer:  Supports with sinus, mucous, cold, flu like symptoms, and is perfect for a multi-vitamin


G.A.P. Pills:  Supports in cleansing of the blood.  The garlic, aloe and parsley combination works to give vitamins, minerals back to the body.


Vitamin C:  The bioflavanoids are protective antioxidant factors, which help to strengthen the blood vessels, veins, and capillaries in your circulatory system. The 500 mg of bioflavanoids plus rutine, hesperdone complex and acerola is one of the best combinations to help the Vitamin C support the pain killing qualities of the body. We also added quercetin to help the eyes.


Vitamin D:  Supports the respiratory system during cold and flu season.

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