Happy Drinking

                       Smooth Tummy

18oz of Water

1 tea bag or 3 leaves of peppermint 

Boil the water and add peppermint

Allow to sit in the fridge and sip cool or at room temperature.  

                        Revive Me!

32 oz      Water

4 cube slices of Grapefruit

2 Mint leaves

3 Lemon slices

Put in the refrigerator and sip 4oz at a time.

                           Refresh Me!

18 oz of Seltzer Water

4       Slices of Strawberries

1       Slice of Lemon (squeezed)

1       Mint Leaf

                        My Treat


64 oz      Water (plain or Seltzer)

1/2    Lemon

1/2    Cucumber

3       Mint leaves

3 cube slices of Watermelon

2 tbsp of minced fresh Ginger

                     Color Me Happy

1 chunk  Pineapple

1             Apple

3/4        thumb fresh ginger

1 cup    Kale

1           Kiwi

1/2       Lemon

You can add honey if you desire sweeter flavor